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Divorce Decree Sample

Divorce Decree Sample

Our high quality easy-to-use legal forms are designed to help protect your rights and to save you time and money. Our forms have been prepared by attorneys and include information and checklists to guide you. Get immediate access to your forms after you purchase. If you're not completely satisfied, you can rely on our no risk 100% money back guarantee.

  • Divorce Forms Combo Packages

    Best Value - Divorce Forms Combo Packages which include the forms most commonly used when obtaining a divorce. These forms include divorce petitions and judgments, testimony worksheet and property settlement worksheets. These packages are for use by couples with or without children.

  • Divorce Petitions & Complaints

    Popular - Divorce Petitions and Complaint for couples with or without children. This is a formal request to the court that your marriage be terminated.

  • Final Judgment & Decree of Divorce

    Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce which will effectively dissolve the marriage between a couple. This document sets out the the couple is divorced and that the parties are now considered as single.

  • Marital Settlement & Separation Agreements

    Marital Settlement and Separation Agreements for use when deciding how property should be divided, who any children will live with and who is responsible for insurance . These agreements are for use by couples with or without children.

  • Postnuptial Agreements & Amendments

    Postnuptial Agreements and Amendments to be used by couples who are already married and desire to set forth how any assets will be distributed. Included are Amendment and Termination Agreements for use when changing or terminating an agreement.

  • Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements & Amendments

    Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements and Amendments are for couples who have not yet married. Included are premarital agreements (one with Spanish translation) and agreements which will amend and terminate a premarital agreement.

  • Alimony Past Due Notice

    Alimony Past Due Notice will give a former spouse official notice that alimony payments have not been received. This notice sets out the total amount owing and number of payments past due.

  • Annulment Package

    Annulment Package which contains the petition and order necessary in order to annul a marriage. This package is for use in Georgia.

  • Appearance, Consent and Waiver

    Appearance, Consent and Waiver for use by the party who did not file for divorce. By filing this form the spouse enters an appearance, consent to the court's jurisdiction and waives rights the right to appeal any facts or conclusions handed down by the court.

  • Child Support, Visitation and Custody

    Child Support, Visitation and Custody forms to be used by parties when getting a divorce or divorced and receiving child support. Included are questionnaires and worksheets regarding visitation or child support and a notice to be given when child support is past due and owing.

  • Cohabitation Agreement

    Cohabitation Agreement for use by a couple who are living together but have no plans to marry. This agreement allows you to document your living arrangement and clarify expectations.

  • Divorce Appearance, Consent and Waiver

    Divorce Appearance, Consent and Waiver designed to be used when one spouse joins the other in obtaining a divorce. Filing this form enters the spouse's appearance and consents to the court's jurisdiction of the divorce proceedings.

  • Financial Statement Kits fot Divorce

    Financial Statement Kits to be used in order to reach informed decisions regarding finances and property matters. This kit is for use by a couple who is obtaining a divorce.

  • Pet Custody Agreement

    Pet Custody Agreement for use by a couple who is divorcing or ending a relationship. It will specify who receives custody of any pets and if support will be paid.

  • Property Division Worksheets Kits

    Property Division Worksheets Kit which will assist in inventory of property by a couple who is ending a relationship or divorcing.

  • Reconciliation Agreement

    Reconciliation Agreement to be used by a couple who have entered into a Separation Agreement but have now reconciled. This agreement is not to be used by couples who are divorced.

  • Testimony Worksheet

    Testimony Worksheet for use when giving testimony during a divorce case. This worksheet includes information regarding all documents filed during the divorce proceeding.